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Posted April 3, 2014, 3:46 pm
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Ticket sellers, buyers warned to stay outside limit

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    Ticket sellers, buyers warned to stay outside limit

If you plan on scalping tickets for the Masters Tournament, you’d better know your boundaries.

Police said anyone caught buying, selling or handing off tickets within a 2,700 foot boundary around the Augusta National could face misdemeanor charges or get a ride in a police car.

Measuring around the course isn’t necessary. Richmond County sheriff’s Capt. Scott Gay said the illegal area stretches between the Washington Road Taco Bell and Calhoun Expressway and between Wheeler and Smith Creek roads in the National Hills neighborhood. The same rules apply for licensed brokers.

The city licensing division plans to go out once or twice during the week to ensure brokers have a state license and have written consent to be on the commercial property where they’re set up.

Brokering tickets is legal as long as the buyers and sellers have their correct paperwork and are not within the 2,700 foot boundary.

Larry Harris, licensing manager, said he sees quite a few familiar faces during inspections as many brokers return to the Washington Road area every year. It means that most brokers are familiar with the rules and laws governing them so rarely does the licensing division have to shut them down.

If the brokers do not have the proper documents, they will be forced to close shop and obtain the paperwork.

There were no scalping arrests last year, Gay said. They expect similar results this year. Posted signs and verbal warnings are usually effective at stopping the activity.

“We certainly like to educate the public first,” he said.

Last year did see many warnings especially for people attempting to hand off tickets while leaving the course.

The sheriff’s office will designate officers working around the golf course to look out for ticket scalpers along with their other duties.